"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Anonymous

Monday, September 15, 2014

Motivational Monday - Positive Thoughts Post

When I read this post I received in my email this morning I knew I needed to share it on my blog, because it goes right along with some thoughts I've had brewing this weekend about stopping the self hate talk.  

If you have a minute click on over to Eat More 2 Weight Less and enjoy the subject of Postitive Thoughts = Positive Results.

I'll come back later and share some of my own decisions to make the effort to change how I'm looking at where I'm at right now and focus on what is getting better instead of only seeing how far I need to go to reach where I was a year ago.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weigh-In ... It's Going to Be Okay

Today's Weight:  176.0
Loss/Gain: + 0.5 lb

I almost wanted to post the average of my last three days' weights, but I figured I'll be honest about what the scale said today.  That being said (and weight officially posted already)  for the record... 

Wednesday's Weight:  175
Thursday's Weight:  173
Today's Weight:  176 

The week started out horrible with TOM coming, arriving and my hormone's taking quite a hit this time around.  However, I pulled on my big girl panties along with my Body Media armband and workout shoes and headed out to my cycle class Wednesday morning even though I wanted to crumble up and cry my eyes out longer than the few minutes I already had

I made it through the class, pushed myself and didn't exactly feel awesome afterwards, but I did feel much better.  I could tell the hormones were finally easing up from this month of PMS and I was grateful for that.  Cramps were a pain (pun intended) so I just got through the day.

Then I had the opportunity to text chat with my dear friend/weight loss sounding board, Stephanie, finishing up with a quick phone conversation about two hours later and I felt like my world was alright again.  

There is more going on in my life right now than just trying to lose the 15 pounds I've gained in the last 10 months.  There have been some life lessons I'm working through that I've never alluded to on my blog.  In fact, when I think about how this year has gone it all makes sense that I put some weight on.  It also makes sense why my emotions have been kind of all over the place.

I'm finishing up reading "Deadly Emotions" by Don Colbert, M.D. and I've really learned a lot from it with regards to how you react to life can directly affect your health.  He's really brought some insight into a personal area that I've been struggling with over the last six months.  

2014 has proven to be one of the hardest years I've had to endure in life, but today as I was slogging it out through 7 hot and humid miles running I realized ... If I never had to face struggles in life I'd never be able to relate to or encourage someone who is struggling themselves.  

This is much easier for me to tell someone else than it is for me to embrace, but I'm trying.  In my book, and as I've told many others with regards to various non-food issues, as long as I keep trying and don't quit I know success will follow. 

And who knows... some day there may be someone who has a crappy year and doesn't manage to keep their new eating habits in check while they process the events and now I'll know what that's like. Due to my own experience I'll be able to tell them that it's okay and they will be able to lose the weight again when life settles a bit..as long as they keep trying.  :)

Thanks for check in!  I hope you have a great weekend!  I will.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering 9/11

Today my heart and prayers go out to those who lost family members and friends on that frightful day thirteen years ago.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blah Day

I didn't post a "Motivational Monday" because I wasn't feeling very motivated.  I'm pretty sure it's a bad combination of PMS with my current weight/size, so I have hope it will get better. 

Meanwhile I have a lean roast in the oven and am making some pureed cauliflower and a salad to go with it.  

The only good thing about TOM coming is the hormones usually even out pretty soon after the onset and suddenly there is hope in my weight world again.  So, when that hits I'll be back to share happier thoughts. 

Until then I'm trying to think just enough about how horrible I feel in my tight clothes to motivate me to stick to my plan and not think about it so much it ruins my day.  

Friday, September 5, 2014

Weigh-In ... I Knew It

Today's Weight:  175.5
Loss/Gain:  +1.5 lbs

Considering the week I've had nutritionally I'm not surprised at all by this weight.  I was hoping for a maintain, but the last two days have been crave-city and then we had a late dinner with some friends last night and I knew it would affect my weight this morning. 

I'm not real pleased with seeing a gain versus a maintain, but I know it's not here to stay.  I'm going to keep working on it.  

Have a good weekend! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She Kicks My Butt

The lady who used to teach the Cycle Circuit class I usually take at the gym is out on maternity leave.  Her replacement is new to me and I've fallen in love with her teaching style.  She pushes us and yet makes us laugh too.  

Lately she keeps telling us this is the "Ball Bodies" class; preparing us to wear evening gowns for the Marine Corps and Navy balls coming up this fall/winter.  We giggle until we realize she has us climbing mountains so hard that we swear if we were truly on real bikes we'd have fallen over a long time ago.  :)

Then when she has us get off the bike and do squats and lunges, I know I'm pretty sure I'm so very out of shape and my legs will not hold up the duration of the day...much less be ready to run tomorrow.

But...as is always the case... apparently it works, because today as we were doing sprints on the bike I realized I was hitting 128-130 RPMs.  Wowsa!  I've never been able to get my legs to make the rotations fast enough to hit that high of a speed, much less do it with a bit of resistance.  

And when we got back on the bikes after what felt like a hundred squats and lunges with 50-pound weighted bars (It was only about 45-90 squats and 45 lunges each leg with an 8-pound ball) I thought my legs were going to give out.  

But they didn't.  After only a rotation or two I was back to pretty much keeping up with what she was asking of us.

I shared with her after class about my little speed work victory and she was willing to take a picture with me.  She knows how it feels to accomplish goals, because she has an amazing weight loss story herself and today she mentioned she has a FaceBook page about her personal training and motivational help she offers.  

You can check her out here:  Size Healthy

She kicks my butt, but she has an amazing testimony!  I love it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Motivational Monday - I Can

I hope you all had a nice Labor Day.  We enjoyed a day at the beach with some friends.  It was beautiful out.  The winds kicked up a bit, which made for lots of waves and a nice breeze for when we were not in the water.  

For motivation this week I want to share a little piece I put together for Instagram last Saturday after running my long run. 
This is the first time I've run 6 miles since the Wounded Warrior 10K in May.  I knew it would be slow, assumed around 1 hour 20 minutes, and I wasn't too far off. 

As seems to be the case of late, I was vexed to be running slower.  However, during my run I was listening to a podcast wherein the woman being interviewed made a comment that she no longer tells herself she can't do x, y or z due to physical limitations, but that she simply has to do them modified. 

"I can not do jumping jacks.", she said.  "They truly do hurt my legs. So, I simply do a side jack, low-impact, but I do not tell myself 'I can't do them'."  

It occurred to me that I need to remind myself of that.

No, I can not run 10K in 1 hour 6 minutes right now (I believe that is my personal best so far.), but...



Even with a slower time I can still complete a six-mile run and that is something to be proud of. 

So, no more "I can't _____."  Simply "I can." even if I have to modify at first as I'm getting back into regular, more intense exercise.  

*contented sigh*